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Full Version: Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1 (2013)
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Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1 (2013)
With Asta Paredes, Catherine Corcoran, Kelsey Lehman, Lauren Sylvester and unknowns

Kelsey Lehman
[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_001.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_002.jpg]
Kelsey Lehman naked in the Janitors room showing her breasts with pierced nipples as she lies on a bed and has sex with a guy. Things get a a bit messy as green toxic ooze drips on them while they have sex, and the guy's penis comes off and Kelsey gets showered in blood.

Asta Paredes
[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_003.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_004.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_005.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_006.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_007.jpg]
Asta Paredes topless in a car making out with a guy, showing her breasts as her stud of a boyfriend moves down to try to give her oral sex. We then see Astra looking at naked woman on her laptop, before stricking her hand down her undies and starts to masturbate.

Catherine Corcoran
[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_008.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0010.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0012.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0025.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0027.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0028.jpg]
Catherine Corcoran waking up in bed and shows some cleavage in her nighty as she walks over to the ducks cage. Catherine and Asta Paredes seen fighting on a table in the schools cafeteria, and then sitting in detention with her shirt ripped exposing some boob cleavage. Catherine pulling her bra open and sprays some weird liquid from her breasts. We then see her naked in the shower.

Asta Paredes and Catherine Corcoran
[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0013.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0014.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0015.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0016.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0017.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0018.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0021.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0022.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0023.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0024.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0026.jpg]

Asta Paredes and Catherine Corcoran both showing breasts in this steamy lesbian sex scene.

Lauren Sylvester
[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0019.jpg] [Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...1_0020.jpg]
Lauren Sylvester straddling a guy on a couch, taking off her bikini top to bare her breasts. She then reaches into her skirt and pulls out a fake penis.

[Image: Catherine_Corcoran-Asta_Paredes_-_Return...e1_009.jpg]
Some unknown ladies all naked in the shower.

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