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Full Version: Joysticks (1983)
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Joysticks (1983) Brrip
With Kym Malin, Kim G. Michel, Corinne Bohrer, Lynda Wiesmeier, Erin Halligan, Morgan Lofting, Becky LeBeau and unknown

Kym Malin and Kim G. Michel
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.001.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.002.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.003.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.008.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.009.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0010.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0011.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0012.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0013.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0014.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0018.jpg]
Blonde Kym and Brunette Kim pull down their top's to flash their boobs to a lucky nerd. He then jumps into the car with them and gets his face pushed in between Kim's breasts.  We then see both of them loosing their tops while playing a video game and then laying next to a guy in the bed wearing only their panties before being smoked out of the room and back into the arcade. We then see both Kym and Kim all dressed up in S&M gear.

Becky LeBeau
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.004.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.005.jpg]
Some geeky dude gets his weener stuck between Becky LeBeau's breasts.

Corinne Bohrer
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.006.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0015.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0017.jpg]
Corinne Bohrer in a sexy two-piece bikini by the pool, and then seen wearing a nighty at the arcades.

[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.007.jpg]
An unknown blond sitting topless in a hot tub in the back of a van sipping champagne, before a guy accidentally falls into the water through the roof of the van.

Lynda Wiesmeier
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0016.jpg]
Lynda Wiesmeier flashing her panties to a guy.

Erin Halligan
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0019.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0020.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0021.jpg]
Erin Halligan shows boobs, pubes, and butt in bed with a guy.

Morgan Lofting
[Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0022.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0023.jpg] [Image: Kym_Malin_-_Joysticks.1983.0024.jpg]
Morgan Loftingin jumps on top of a guy wearing her nighty, and then seen in a black Dominatrix outfit with a whip.

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