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The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington (1977)
The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington (1977) DVDRip
With Joey Heatherton, Marilyn Joi, Dawn Clark, Pamela Zinszer, Cisse Cameron, Raven De La Croix, Louisa Moritz, Dana Baker, Linda Gildersleeve, Bonnie Large and unknowns

Bonnie Large
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.002.jpg]
Bonnie Large in a fur coat showing off her boobs as she poses for a photographer during a photo shoot.

Marilyn Joi
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.003.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0015.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0016.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0021.jpg]
Marilyn Joi sitting on a couch topless while a guy kisses her boobs and legs before sticking it in between her boobs. When then see her in very short shorts bending over while a guy touches her ass before seen dancing with a guy topless and then sitting on his lap. She's then seen opening up her leather jacket to expose her breasts before she starts whipping a guy.

Dawn Clark
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.005.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.009.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0017.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0023.jpg]
Dawn Clark in a purple see through nightie. We then see her sitting naked on top of a guy holding a yellow balloon as the swing back and forth on a swing. Dawn then seen pressing her naked body through the roof of a car, and then seen jumping out of a pot covered in spaghetti and then having a guy eat it of her naked breasts.

Dana Baker
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.004.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0022.jpg]
Dana Baker wearing a see through robe which shows her nipples as she talks to a guy. We then see tied to a bed before getting rescued by a much older version of Superman.

Raven De La Croix
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.008.jpg]
Raven De La Croix lying naked on her stomach on a table as a couple of guys scoop ice cream onto her lower back.

Cisse Cameron
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.006.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.007.jpg]
Cisse Cameron in an elevator with some guy's wearing a green dress which shows her cleavage. We then see her sitting in the courtroom and having her green top pop open as she sits up straight.

Joey Heatherton
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0010.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0014.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0018.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0020.jpg]
Joey Heatherton showing cleavage in a dress and then a very brief nipple slip laying in bed next to a guy after they had sex. We then see her in a see through dress exposing her underwear underneath.

Linda Gildersleeve
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0011.jpg]
Linda Gildersleeve taking of her dress and gets on top of a counter in a restaurant with her guy friend.

Louisa Moritz
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0012.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0013.jpg]
Louisa Moritz seen in a yellow top with no bra on showing her hard nipples underneath. We then get a look at her ass before lying down on top of a guy on a tennis court.

Pamela Zinszer
[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0024.jpg]
Pamela Zinszer opening her coat to reveal her boobs for the camera.

[Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.001.jpg] [Image: The_Happy_Hooker_Goes_To_Washington.0019.jpg]
An unknown woman fooling around with a guy in the office on the couch with her shirt open. Some more unknown woman topless in a room while some belly dancers entertain the guests at a party.

Size: 327.1MB
Duration: 19:48
Resolution: 718×454
Format: MKV
Language: English

Download links: (Available for free download)

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