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The Sensuous Nurse (1975)
The Sensuous Nurse (1975) DVDRip
With Ursula Andress, Carla Romanelli, Luciana Paluzz and unknown

Carla Romanelli
[Image: sensuous_nurse1.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse01.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse2.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse02.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse001.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse10.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse11.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse21.jpg]
Carla Romanelli gets totally nude and bares full-frontal nudity as she runs through the winery. More of Carla's full-frontal as she runs through the house being chased by some guy. Carla Romanelli then getting her boob grabbed by some horny guy.

Ursula Andress
[Image: sensuous_nurse3.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse03.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse5.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse04.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse05.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse7.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse8.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse12.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse13.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse9.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse18.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse14.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse15.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse16.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse17.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse06.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse19.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse07.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse20.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse010.jpg]
Ursula Andress exposes her breasts and some tush while in bed with a guy. Ursula then seen skinny-dipping in the backyard pool while some dude watches. Ursula can also be seen showing her cleavage wearing a sexy nurses uniform. Ursula showing boobs and bush as she whips off her nightie and tries to seduce a younger man. At the end of the scene we see Ursula sliding off her panties and gives us multiple flashes of her boobs, before getting into bed completely naked.

Luciana Paluzzi
[Image: sensuous_nurse08.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse4.jpg]
Luciana Paluzzi shows her breasts as she tears off her clothes and her bra.

[Image: sensuous_nurse6.jpg] [Image: sensuous_nurse09.jpg]
Unknown woman laying fully naked in bed while Jack Palance plays with her nipples.      

Size: 493.9MB
Duration: 31:40
Resolution: 672×480
Format: MKV
Language: Italian

Download links: (Available for free download)

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