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Wheeler a.k.a. Psycho from Texas (1975)
Wheeler a.k.a. Psycho from Texas (1975) DVDRip
With Linnea Quigley, Angela Field, Colette Magoon and Janel King

Colette Magoon
[Image: wheeler0001.jpg]
[Image: wheeler001.jpg] [Image: wheeler0002.jpg]
Colette Magoon laying naked on a bed.

Angela Field
[Image: wheeler002.jpg] [Image: wheeler003.jpg] [Image: wheeler004.jpg]
Angela Field showing some cleavage bending over. We then see her naked in bed having sex with a guy.

Janel King
[Image: wheeler0003.jpg]
[Image: wheeler005.jpg] [Image: wheeler006.jpg]
Janel King showing some flashes of bra being attacked. We then see a topless Janel in a closet before falling on the floor.

Linnea Quigley
[Image: wheeler007.jpg] [Image: wheeler008.jpg] [Image: wheeler009.jpg] [Image: wheeler0010.jpg] [Image: wheeler0011.jpg] [Image: wheeler0012.jpg]
Linnea Quigley being stripped naked and having beer pored all over her naked body.

Size: 55.3MB
Duration: 6:28
Resolution: 716×480
Format: MKV
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Download link:

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