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The Amazons (1973)
Le guerriere dal seno nudo AKA The Amazons (1973) Movie Info: IMDb
With Alena Johnston, Sabine Sun, Luciana Paluzzi, Malisa Longo and Carla Mancini

[Image: The_Amazons001.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons002.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons003.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons004.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons005.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons006.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons007.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons008.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons009.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0010.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0011.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0012.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0013.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0014.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0015.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0016.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0017.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0018.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0019.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0020.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0021.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0022.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0023.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0024.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0025.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0026.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0027.jpg] [Image: The_Amazons0028.jpg]

Size: 227MB
Duration: 19:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: AVI
Language: English (Russian Translation)

Download link: (Available for free download)

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